History of Gambling in India: From Ancient Times till Present

Evolution of Gambling

Gambling is not a new concept and its origin could be traced back during the times of Hindu mythologies. One can find its writings in Ramayana where the mention about gambling with dices and boards were found. Gambling with the board was known as Aksa. Gambling has always been looked upon as the best solution by the Indians to cement the gap between enemies and friends. In India, Gambling was always taken on a poor note because of Draupadi’s molestation in Mahabharata.

The notion of gambling kept evolving: Dice games during the times of Ramayana and Mahabharata, sports betting during the 15th century and Satta King during the 20th century. Sports betting, especially cricket betting and Satta games continues even now. Sattaking has become one of the popular games in the 21st century.

Evolution of Gambling in India:

Gambling has evolved throughout the years since its inception with changing perspectives. India has a very rich history on gambling which are even portrayed in movies and documentaries.

Gambling during Ramayana:

At this time, not much importance was given to gambling. There were writings on gambling boards which they termed as Aksa. One could also find writings about chess and dices.


Gambling during Mahabharata:

During the times of Ramayana and Mahabharata, the kings engaged themselves in gambling through the rolling of dices. In India, this Gambling Game is familiar with the name Pasha or Pachisi. They used to stake their precious belongings and the dice was rolled with the expectation of winning. The nuts of Vibhitaka tree were used as a dice. The Kings between the periods of 2000 to 1500BC considered gambling as one of the best ways to spend their leisure times and to engage in meaningful conversations.

However, Gambling was considered as a social evil during the times of Mahabharata. This was because of the harsh laws associated with betting during that period. One of the references here can be of Yudhishthira who lost everything including his wife, brother and his wealth for losing dice games. It did not stop here. He was banished for 12 long years.

It is wrong to say that gambling was mentioned only in these epics. Even the Buddhist texts had a mention about gambling where nuts of the Vibhitaka tree were described.

Some of the Gambling Methods after Mahabharata were as follows:

Horse Racing
  • Horse Racing
  • Cock Fights
  • Ram Fights

During this time, people were not concerned about tomorrow. If a gambler loses a bet, he will lose everything and his life would be in desolation.

Gambling: After the 10th Century

Gambling Game Satta

The notion of gambling changed a lot after the 10th century. People had to follow strict government norms for betting. The gamblers were to ensure that the conduct of betting would be done in a fair manner. Besides this, The Europeans had significantly contributed to gambling. During the 17th century, Europeans had taken full control of India. Horse racing was introduced by the Europeans. The British considered horse racing and rummy as an illegal activity. Another law was introduced in 1867 by the British where Satta and owning of gambling houses were made illegal.  In spite of that, the enthusiasm for betting prevailed during that time.

Gambling in Recent Times

Online Gambling Game Poker

In the 20th century, the casinos have taken a huge turn. With the advent of the Internet, the entire concept of gambling has changed. People can now enjoy online casinos in their androids and tablets. Earlier, people had to visit casino rooms and they had to travel long distances for that. However, things have totally changed and some of the games like rummy, poker, have been made legal in India. People can now satisfy their gambling desires through internet-based casinos. However, according to the Gambling act of 1867, Satta Matka is illegal but there are online websites that allow you to play it and check Live Satta King Result online.

It has been reported that most of the internet users (nearly 40%) spend their time in online casinos. It has been almost 4000 years that gambling had its anecdotes. People can bet online, play free games, check Desawar Satta results and lastly, they can make huge profits. The era of the Internet has completely changed the status of gambling in India.

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